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SENCOR AIR PURIFIER (SHA 6400WH) Price in Pakistan:

Here you can see the latest price of SENCOR AIR PURIFIER (SHA 6400WH). Product design & specifications may vary depending on the model and its size.


What is the Price of SENCOR AIR PURIFIER (SHA 6400WH) in Pakistan?

SENCOR AIR PURIFIER (SHA 6400WH) price in Pakistan starts at Rs. 20115 which is approx $120 USD. SENCOR AIR PURIFIER (SHA 6400WH) has strong specifications for people who are willing to buy this product. SENCOR AIR PURIFIER (SHA 6400WH) comes with high-quality results is priced at Rs.20115.

Specifications for SENCOR AIR PURIFIER (SHA 6400WH)

  • Air Purifier
  • Elegant and Effective Solution for Improving Indoor Air Quality
  • Inflow Filter – Captures Coarse Dust Particles and Allergens
  • Carbon Filter – Absorbs Formaldehyde, Benzene and other Harmful Gases
  • HEPA Filter – Captures Dust Particles, Smoke, Gases and other Allergenic Particles
  • UV-C Radiation – Destroys Microorganisms such as Bacteria, Viruses, Moulds (Including Their Toxins)
  • Automatic Shut off Timer Can Be Set to 2, 4 and 8 Hours
  • 3 Cleaning Speeds
  • Easy to Replace Filter
  • UV-C Lamp Lifetime – 20,000 Hours (More than 5 Years of Standard Operation)
  • Noise Level – 32dB(A) (Bedroom), 45dB(A) (Quiet Garden), 55dB(A) (Forest)
  • Recommended Room Area – up to 20m2
  • Power Input – 60W
  • Dimensions (Width × Depth × Height) – 324 × 181 × 242mm
  • Weight – 3.27kgs
  • UV Light – Wavelength – 254 nanometres
  • Price – Rs. 20,115 / $120 USD

Specification: SENCOR AIR PURIFIER (SHA 6400WH)

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