Why the Mostbet doesn’t Work: Solution to the Problem

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Periodically on forums, there are messages from Pakistani players that Mostbet does not work. When entering the browser, an error appears and the resource does not load. Or users write that they can not enter the application. There are several reasons for the lack of access to the bookmaker’s platform. All of them are solvable if you know the reasons for their appearance. Ways of solution in the material below.

What are the technical problems?

Most often the reasons why does not enter Mostbet Pakistan arise regardless of the actions of the user. It is impossible to influence the appearance of the error, but everyone can fix it. The main thing in time to determine where the problem originated. Methods of solution are selected depending on the cause.

Problems with connecting to the Internet

The simplest reason is the loss of connection to the Internet. It is easy to identify the problem if any site does not load, and the shortcut for connection failure is displayed on the computer. To fix it, follow the instructions:

  • Check if your Internet service provider’s payment terms have not expired.
  • Check if your modem or router is working properly. If necessary, reboot the equipment – press a special button or turn off the power for 30 seconds.
  • Restart your computer and check the connection to the network.
  • Contact the provider’s support service. It is possible that technical works are being carried out at the moment.
  • If any of the above actions do not help to restore the connection, then call the provider’s technical support specialist.

Browser malfunction

If there is an error when connecting to the Mostbet site, one of the reasons may be the blocking of the resource by various plugins in the browser. To determine this, it is enough to enter the bookmaker’s site from another browser. If the site loads, then the reason for the error is the incorrect operation of the browser. Alternately disable the installed plug-ins to determine which of them blocks access. If identified, remove the program or properly configure it.

Blocking by antivirus

Often users can not access the site it is through the computer. Access to the site is blocked by a firewall or antivirus program. Some antiviruses determine the platform bookmaker as a resource with potentially unwanted content. You can identify the error by the appearance of the corresponding message in the program. With such a problem, it is necessary to make changes to the settings. The algorithm of actions is determined by the type of program.

There are no viruses on the Mostbet platform. Most often antivirus blocks the resource because it is on the list of sites with an uncertain reputation due to its blocking by providers. The latter fulfills the requirement of the legislation of countries in which the activities of gambling establishments are prohibited. Ways to bypass such blocking will be considered below.

Technical works

The bookmaker’s platform is constantly developing and improving to meet all the requests of players. For this purpose, the administration periodically conducts technical works to modernize the service. Clients are notified about the planned works by e-mail. Therefore, if you can not enter Mostbet, then check your e-mail. Perhaps there is a letter with a warning about the temporary inaccessibility of the resource.

It is impossible to foresee emergencies on the servers or DDoS attacks. In case of detecting emergencies, the administration is forced to suspend the site to eliminate errors. The bookmaker’s platform is reliably protected from attacks by hackers. However, during periods of activity of attackers, the access of users is temporarily restricted. In any of these situations to enter the resource you can use a mirror or wait for the completion of technical works.

Mostbet account blocked

If your account is blocked, you will be able to log in to the site, but any bets are prohibited. To solve the problem, contact tech support for help.

How to access Mostbet

If you still do not open Mostbet, the reason is the blocking of the resource by Internet providers. The legislation of many countries prohibits the activities of gambling establishments on the territory of the state without a local license. Therefore, the government obliges providers to block all resources that are blacklisted. At the same time to bet on sports and play gambling citizens of such countries are not prohibited. The main thing is to enter the bookmaker’s site.

There are dozens of ways to bypass ISP blocking. Below we will consider the most effective and efficient options that are recommended by the administration of the bookmaker if the Mostbet site is blocked.


The easiest way to bypass the blocking of internet providers is to use a working mirror of the official resource. This is the same site with similar functionality and features but located at a different domain address. It allows you to perform all actions similar to the use of the official resource:

  • Register;
  • Log in and customize your account;
  • Play any type of gambling entertainment for free and for real money;
  • Deposit and withdraw money in any of the presented ways;
  • Activate any type of bonus program;
  • Participate in tournaments, promotions, lottery drawings;
  • Ask for help in the technical support service.

The user can authorize the site under his login and password. After logging in to the personal cabinet, the deposit balance, account status, awards, and bonuses are saved. The only disadvantage of this method of bypassing blocking is that you need to have a list of actual addresses at hand. Each of them can be blocked at any time when identified by providers.

Plugins and programs

An effective way to bypass ISP blocking is to use plugins and programs that mask the IP address of the user’s device. This ensures complete anonymity for the player. The main types of programs to bypass blocking:

  • VPN services: specialized programs that substitute the IP for the address of another country. To use Virtual Private Network, you need to install an additional program on the device you are using. Works smoothly with minimal loss of data transfer speed. The only disadvantage is that most VPN services are paid. Subscription fees range from $2 to $5 per month. Popular programs are Purevpn, Avast SecureLine VPN, and ExpressVPN.
  • VPN plugins for the browser: They work on the principle of VPN services, but are installed for a specific browser. Find current offerings in official stores. Many plugins have free versions, but they have limited data transfer speeds and a minimal selection of geolocations. To eliminate the limitations, you need to use paid plans. The most popular plugins are Browsec, AnonymoX, and Zenmate.
  • Anonymizers: They work on the principle of VPN but are based on a standard site. To go to the bookmaker’s site, you need to enter the anonymizer, select geolocation, and enter the address Mostbet.com. The disadvantage of anonymizers is slow data transfer speed, which is not always convenient when playing at online casinos. Popular anonymizers are VPNBOOK, Anonymizer, and HideME.
  • Specialized browsers: Some types of browsers contain built-in VPN services. To use them, you need to enable the corresponding option in the settings. You can download, install, and use such browsers for free. The disadvantage is the slow speed of work. Popular programs are Yandex. Browser, Opera, TOR.
  • Proxy servers: To connect, you need to buy the appropriate service and correctly connect it. In the case of incorrect settings will not be able to enter Mostbet the system will write an Error proxy. Therefore, use this method if you have the appropriate technical level of training.

Contacting the support team

If you are unable to download Mostbet or cannot determine which of the options is best to use, then contact technical support for help. If you can’t access the site, write to the tech support at support Mostbet. Operators will offer several options to choose from to solve the problem. Use any of them and you will be able to access the site at any time, regardless of your country of residence.

What to do if the Mostbet mobile application does not work

One of the easiest ways to have stable access to the platform is to install the mobile application. If after installation Mostbet does not work on Android or iPhone, then reinstall the application according to the bookmaker’s official instructions.


There are several reasons why the official website of the bookmaker does not work. For players from Pakistan, the most common is the blocking of the official resources by providers. The latter acts by the legislation. But users can bet on sports and play online casinos to bypass blocking. To go to the platform you can use a mirror, special programs, and plugins. The actual mirror can be found on the main page.

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