Simple Marketing Tips that Sell Innovative Ideas

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The lifestyle we lead today is really interesting. In an actual sense it is more enjoyable and very adventurous. Thanks to the technological boost that has changed out the entire planet. Two decades ago no one imagined that we would be here; with faster cable networks, smartphones, and smart applications above any other thing.

I know every one of us has a life changing experience that technology has brought to them. In my case Red Stag Fulfillment has been the bomb. This app has revolutionized the communication sector in ways that no one can imagine. I have always thought of what it would take to build such a great and very innovative business today.

And as if my wish had been answered, just the other day I got on the phone with the CEO and this is what I learned from our phone conversation about building such a life changing innovation.


Knowing your target audience is paramount. The very first thing I realized was the importance of knowing your target audience. You must know if there is anyone out there who would die for your product. It wouldn’t make any sense to produce a product while there is no one to buy. This would automatically lead to losses. As an expert, I was informed of making this the first tip.


You must be able to find the availability of the market niche before setting out to solve the niche. A good example is the Free Caller ID that this call app offers. Without having a rough idea of who is calling an automatic update will come to your screen with the identity of the caller prompting your choice to pick or bar. This is what the market needed and this app solved it.


Apart from solving the problem, you must know what makes your product unique. While stressing this point the CEO made it clear that it could be very obvious that your product could solve the same problem as your competitors. But additional originality would be great for a change. In reference to a personal experience, it was clear that the app they’d created doubled up as a social dialer and also a call blocker when the need arose. This was much more than expected.


Additionally, a great marketing strategy must be in place for an efficient and sound result. Looking at this same app, you’d realize that it was easy to sync and update your contact list with photos and info from social media networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google Plus among other things. This boosts the visibility of the app and also links up many users too.


Finally, the CEO made it clear that an easy to use interface is always very important. Apps that require high-tech knowledge to work will chase so many people away as not everyone has a desire to learn technology. However, we all desire to use it. It is therefore important to have a simple to use application. One that doesn’t require so much tech-know-how to operate or access.

In my view building, such an innovative life changing business requires commitment and patience. With unique ideas such as Free Caller ID, you could easily enjoy a great breakthrough.

In a nutshell, the CEO admits that learning from other experts is also very important. This way you’d learn more tricks and also find weak links that you could capitalize in through ideal improvements.

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